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Alien home invasion — micro-homes to be built by a Euclid-based company

UFO 6.jpg

 Pie Pattern & Window Plug Construction

When the plug is completed, it will be used to make the mold and then the pie shaped or window section part fabricated from 100% molded fiberglass and marine gelcoats.

Futuro Houses_0898C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0859.jpg
Futuro Houses_0858C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0952CA.jpg
Futuro Houses_0930C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0960C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0994C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1032C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0864C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0907C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0957CA.jpg
Futuro Houses_0986C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1011C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1021C.jpg
UFO 5.jpg
UFO 4.jpg

Window Plug Construction

Futuro Houses_0927C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0930C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1016C.jpg
Futuro Houses_0999C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1018C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1034C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1038C.jpg
Futuro Houses_1041C.jpg
UFO House Silver_02.jpg


Innovative designs from Futuristic to Tiny Houses built from advanced space age fiberglass technology.