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About Us 

Forget about paying utility bills!


Unlike a traditional house that you have to supply it with electric, gas and water, Futuro Houses is creating the perfect habitat where you can live off-grid or near a community without being connected to standard fuel and energy sources like water, gas, and electric provided by a community.


With Futuro Houses we have the perfect solutions, so you can live comfortably in a self-sustainable home!


Solar and wind turbine energy, atmospheric water generation, rainwater collection, and composting waste, are just a few of the innovative energy sources available to live in your self-sustaining home.

Looking to earn more money?

Not only can you live in a self-sustainable house, but you can make money at the same time!


These 21st century futuristic homes can provide you with a steady income stream such as renting it on Airbnb, setting up a store, office, or conference center.

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Self-sustainable Living in the 21st Century!

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