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Have a question about Futuro Houses?

We have the answers...

Where can I put the Futuro Houses UFO house?


The UFO house can pretty much be placed anywhere. It does not need a foundation, nor does it have to be on level ground. Check with the local zoning commission in the area where the house will be located. It can be referred to as a temporary or permanent structure. We have full time engineers and architects on staff to help you with any zoning requirement modifications needed, if any.


What are the options for purchasing a Futuro House?


The UFO house is currently being sold as a basic shell kit that can be finished to suit the commercial or residential buyer. Fully equipped move in versions are in development.


Can Futuro Houses be used for a commercial business?


Yes, the basic shell structure can be purchased and finished to be a business such as an office, nail or hair salon, insurance, conference center, restaurant, or whatever is needed. Check with the local zoning department where the Futuro House will be located and our engineering staff will make any necessary accommodations.

What colors are available?


Any standard marine gelcoat colors including solid colors (see color chart), metallic, and it can be wrapped with custom graphics.


Will I be able to customize the inside?


Yes, it is completely customizable. The Futuro Houses are sold with a Basic Shell Kit, so it can be customized to suit an individual or organizational needs.     


What climate would be best suited to have a fiberglass UFO house?


Pretty much any climate will be suitable since the house is manufactured from molded composite fiberglass with polypropylene honeycomb core material for rigidity and superior thermal efficiency properties to protect against heat and cold. The result, makes it an extremely energy efficient house compared to traditional housing materials.


Does the UFO house need to be anchored to the ground?


It is not necessary to connect the UFO house to the ground, unless it will be located in a high disaster area. If you choose to anchor to the ground, then you can install concrete pylons under each one of the three (3) legs of the metal frame and secure the legs to the pylons.  


How much does the Futuro House weigh?


With the metal frame and the fiberglass house it weighs approximately 10,000 lbs. It can be transported in containers to the site where it will be located and assembled on site with simple hand tools and a couple of friends. No need for a professional construction crew. No friends, no problem, Futuro Houses has an in-house team ready to assist for an up-charge.


How do you maintain the exterior of the UFO house?


Just like a boat or a car, once a year, simply wax the UFO house exterior with a product like "Nu Finish" to maintain the surface finish.


What about using water, sewage, electricity, heating and cooling?




The Futuro Houses have multiple options for water connections, generation, collection, and storage:

  • Can be configured for a municipal water connection or potable storage system like RV’s.

  • An atmospheric water generation unit can be installed to supplement water supply.

  • The house will be  optional water collection system with storage tanks so when it rains, water will be collected and stored.

Waste and Sewage:

There are multiple options for collecting and disposing of sewage:

  • Connect to local sewer system.

  • Use a septic tank on the property to connect to the Futuro Houses.

  • A portable cassette toilet can be used in the bathroom.

  • A composting toilet can be used.



Futuro Houses are electricized with multiple options available:

  • Connect to local electric grid.

  • Use a recreational vehicle (RV) generator.

  • Solar panels can be mounted on the roof to provide solar energy.

  • Vertical wind turbines can be mounted on the roof for wind energy.


The Futuro Houses can be engineered and built for connecting to the local  electrical grid or we can install a recreational vehicle (RV) generator.


A solar panel array can be installed on the roof or nearby to supplement the grid or provide off-grid electricity.


Check with your Futuro Houses representative for options and availabilities.




Multiple options are available for heating the UFO house:

  • Use a standard recreational vehicle (RV) propane furnace.

  • Electric heating can be installed.

  • A hanging fireplace can be used to heat the home.




Multiple options are available for cooling the UFO house:

  • Ceiling fans can be installed.

  • A Standard RV air conditioner can be used.

  • A traditional air conditioner can be used.

​How long does it take to assemble the UFO House?


An estimated 2-3 days with 3 friends and basic hand tools to assemble the kit. No need for a professional construction crew. No friends, no problem, Futuro Houses has an in-house team ready to assist for an up-charge. Call for pricing.


The UFO house kit comes with a metal base with 3 legs, 12 top, 12 bottom, and 12 window sections, which can be transported in containers or by flat bed truck.


How does one go about checking to see if the local building codes will allow me to assemble one on the chosen location?

Check with the local building or zoning departments in the city or county where the house is to be installed and then call us to help you get the proper permits.

Interior Design Rendering


Double-paned Acrylic Windows


Marine Gelcoat Color Chart

Futuro Houses Gelcoat Colors 02.13.2023.png

Water Connections


Cassette Toilet

Futuro House Toilet_2578.jpg

Electric Connections


Electrical Cord for Connectors  


RV Propane Furnace


YURT Friendly States -->   


ALASKA                    NEW YORK


COLORADO              OREGON

MARYLAND              TEXAS

States with no Zoning Codes -->    


ALABAMA               ILLINOIS​

​ARIZONA                 MISSISSIPPI



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