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Futuro Houses FH200 R5 - Submit.jpg

Coming Soon!

Futuro Houses FH200 MSRP $39,500

Perfect for Humanitarian Initiatives
19'6" Length x 12' Wide x 9' High 

FH200 Drawings

FH200 3D R2
FH200 3D R1
FH200 3D R5
FH200 3D R6
FH200 3D R4
FH200 3D R3

Why Futuro Houses is Better!

  • Made from 100% molded fiberglass with honeycomb core center and coated with highest quality marine gelcoats

  • Easy to assemble floor, walls, roof, and install electrical, plumbing, appliances, and furnishings through-bolted with stainless steel fasteners

  • Available multi-colored gelcoats for easily identifiable units in a housing community

  • Durable, easy to clean and sanitize, use hose to wash the interior and exterior, making it easy to change occupants

  • Plug-n-play wiring harnesses for electrical and easy to install plumbing kits

FH200 will accommodate one person and includes:


Living Room

  • Couch/bed combination

  • Desk

  • Woodburner, propane, or electric heater

  • Air conditioner (12-volt)


  • Refrigerator

  • Stove

  • Sink

  • Fold down table


  • Toilet, sink, and shower


Closet (cloths or storage)

Futuro Houses FH200_8647.jpg
Futuro Houses FH200 3D Interior View 06.05.2023.jpg
FH200 3D Rendering R5.jpg
FH200 3D Rendering R6.jpg
FH200 3D Rendering R3.jpg
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